Democracy For America - Maricopa County

About Democracy For America - Maricopa County

DFA-MC, Democracy For America – Maricopa County, was founded in April 2004 in support for presidential primary candidate, Governor Howard Dean of Vermont. Governor Dean was an outspoken progressive who believed in thinking outside the box. DFA-MC continues to support progressive candidates and issues. We are the progressive Democrats.

Our purpose is to build civic participation aimed at electing progressive Democrats to office and to promote progressive policies on major issues.

Our mission is to boldly uphold the principles of equality, justice and the democratic process by supporting socially progressive and fiscally responsible candidates and issues, providing training, getting out the vote, and offering public forums and other resources aimed at open political discourse.



  • Chair: Donna Stebbins
  • 1st Vice-Chair: Roman Ulman
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Cathy Hozian
  • Treasurer: Tricia Burlison
  • Recording Secretary: Esther Lumm
  • Communications/Social Media Secretary: Randall Holmes
  • Past Chair: Ken LaKind
  • At-Large Board Members: Toby Stahl, Mary Ellen Bradshaw, Jonathan Weisbuch, Sande Weinstein, Linda Bates, and Honorary At-Large Member Mikel Weisser.

 What We Do

  • Democratic Party Building; not simply more, but better Democrats
  • Candidate Recruitment and Support, including Precinct Committeepersons
  • Campaign Academy every election cycle
  • Progressive Issue Focus, especially
    • Election Integrity
    • Energy Independence
    • Universal Healthcare
    • Media Reform and messaging
    • Anti-corporatism
    • Civil Liberties
    • Rational approaches to problem-solving.
  • Practice Democratic Values of Equality, Sustainability, Empathy, Responsibility, Strength, Protection, Fairness, Accountability, Fulfillment, Freedom, Opportunity, Prosperity, Community, Service, Cooperation, Trust, Honesty, Open communication.

Join in this effort of empowerment and activism and you too can…


Click here for a PDF of the DFA-MC Bylaws [Adopted Jan. 2015].